We build mobile and web applications.

About Us

Tempestronics is a technology startup aimed at providing great technological products and services to the world.This startup was registered and founded by me in my final year of college to provide software development to a few buddies who agreed to pay for it. It worked out so well that when I moved to Bangalore I got clients (startups and individual entrepreneurs) and worked in a freelancer fashion. Over the years I've worked on a variety of projects ranging from small-scale websites to large web apps connected with mobile applications. I currently run Tempestronics individually and work mostly from home but occasionally tag along with some friends and work on certain aspects such as wireframing, logo design, etc. which they're good at; paying them for the work they render. My goal is to expland into a product-cum-service company that caters to a wide variety of people from small to medium sized businesses to individual entrepreneurs by building a team to work on the various projects. Occasionally, I also provide workshops (both free and paid) and also give talks in conferences and meetups.


We provide web application development (LEMPStack) and mobile application development (esp. Android applications). While we do take on existing projects, we provide a special service to build the entire technology stack i.e. both web and mobile applications from scratch to production.


We provide hands-on training in technical topics such as Web application development (Laravel), Mobile application development (Android) and Ethical Hacking and also non-technical topics such as Rubiks Cube Solving and Startup Engineering. Feel free to contact us if you'd like a workshop in your college / university.